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K.J. Denhert

KJ, with her sultry voice and intelligent insight, and impeccable musicianship both as a vocalist and as a soaring lead guitarist is truly in a class of her own. Her precise and eclectic style lovingly embraces the refinement of jazz, the pathos of folk and the fun and deep groove of funk. All this is channeled througha bigger than life personality that makes it hard to understand why she hasn’t hit the big time yet. “Yet. isthe operative word here” says Motema president Jana Herzen who couldn’t believe her luck at finding such an amazing fully formed talent in the tiny 55 Bar on Christopher Street in the village in NYC. KJ effortlessly reaches out to many different types of audiences while never compromising her music or beliefs. An expert wordsmith her lyrics wrap around her grooves and melodies telling deeply personal stories that transcend to the universal. The origins of her exceptionally inclusive style lies partly in her heritage – she is a Grenadian-African-American of mixed cultural roots – and partly in her early musical influences. KJ remembers,“I fell in love with Sergio Mendes when I was eight, and then I picked up a guitar when I was ten and immediately I started writing music. I liked John Hartford on the Glen Campbell Show and really got into James Taylor and Joni Mitchell who I still consider my two main influences....

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